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Aelbert Aehegma paints at Tour Guide Hawaii rental office; photo by Donnie MacGowan

Hawaii artist Aelbert
Aehegma is exhibiting his
work at the Tour Guide
Hawaii Rental Office (see
here for map) Thursday-
Saturday afternoons
through May. The following
is a press release from the
artist concerning the
cancellation of his good-
will trip to China due to
their policies of cultural repression and physical violence towards
the people of Tibet and other indigenous persons, and de facto
ethnic cleansing of same.
PRESS RELEASE: China 'Goodwill Tour' by Internationally Exhibited
Hawaii Artist Aelbert Aehegma Canceled:
The Artist Requests
1~ Citizens of the Free World Boycott the Olympics In China.
2~ Cancel Travel to China; Other International Regimes That
Suppress Freedom Of Their People.
3~World Citizens to Limit Purchasing Chinese Products as well as
Products Of Other Nationalist Regimes That Deny Basic Human Rights
Of Its Citizens.
Aelbert Aehegma has initiated this Worldwide request upon being
Cut-off From Communicating With his host, A Chinese doctor who was
arranging The 'Goodwill Tour'; neither by phone nor private or
Government e-mail can she be reached.
World Citizens cannot look the other way; Human Rights Violations of
the Tibetans, the Uigers, and other minority groups  in China, Chi
Gung Practitioners, as well as minorities in other non-free regimes
must be confronted, and the regimes that abuse their People or we
each fail to be part of the greater human family.
Therefore, Aelbert Aehegma has canceled his Goodwill 'Tour to China'
during which he was to gift a large mural the Beijing Museum, visit
artists, dignitaries and children.
The Artist, whose fine art of paintings and sculptures have been
exhibited in over a dozen countries, has also been honored to have
his art in the First Art Show in Space aboard the Russian MIR Space
Station in a successful international effort.

Mele Mai Mahina, Pacifica News Service, Mr. Aehegma's Public Relations
Manager may be reached for further Support and Comment at, and Search: Aelbert A's
Artsblog & Pacifica News Service.