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Kaimu Beach near Kalapana, Puna Hawaii: Photo by Donnie MacGowan

Kaimu Beach near Kalapana, Puna Hawaii: Photo by Donnie MacGowan


  1. the picture you show that claims to be Kaimu Beach is not that at all. The bay at Kaimu was destroyed (completely filled by lava flows)many years ago. See

    Sad to me, I used to go surfing, camping and swimming there with my pals is the 70’s and 80’s. It was a beautiful place. Interestingly, it was only created by a lava flow in the mid-1800s, thus it lasted only about 130 years or so. Due to wind and wave erosion, and subsidence from a large earthquake in 1974, the beach was largely gone by the time the lava flow filled the bay.

    • What you say about the old Kaimu Beach is true, it was destroyed. This new beach formed in the 1990s and was immediately referred to “New Kaimu Beach” by the locals. The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources approved the name “Kaimu Beach” for this new beach and applied to the US Board of Geographical Names for an official designation of this new beach as “Kaimu Beach”. The name “Kaimu Beach” now appears for this beach on all official map and documents.

      So, happily, we are both right. This IS Kaimu Beach, as I said, but it is NOT the Kaimu Beach of your memory, as you said. If you had read the article that goes along with the picture (hotlink is the top half of the picture title), you would have read my whole description of this…sorry you got it out of context.

      Thanks for writing!

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