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The Kona coast off the big island of Hawaii offers the best deep sea, big game sportfishing in the world, playing host to big game species such as the pacific blue marlin, mahi mahi (dorado, dolphin), ono (wahoo), ahi (yellow fin tuna), striped marlin, spearfish and many others. No other captain and crew in the Kailua Kona based Honokohau Harbor has caught more big game trophy fish than the Camelot. The professional crew onboard Camelot is well known for their ability to attract BIG fish and are very successful in doing so.
Landing the big ones.

Landing the big ones.

Sport Fisahing In Kona, HI aboard the Camelot

Sport Fishing In Kona, HI aboard the Camelot

Want to have fun like this? Contact:

Captain Hudson

Phone: 808.936.9515

or go to

High Seas Excitement

High Seas Excitement

Don’t just take a fishing trip when you can enjoy the best Hawaii has to offer, including majestic whalewatching excursions that bring you right into the action of giant whales leaping out of the ocean and putting on fabulous, breath-taking shows. During Camelot snorkeling and fishing trips you will get to see various dolphins putting on aerial displays, beautiful reef fish, and sharks (from a distance of course)!

Stereo trophies!

Stereo trophies!

The Camelot is a custom-built, 34-foot state-of-the-art pleasure craft, providing the latest in amenities for your comfort and enjoyment. Among other things we can offer:

  • A fully loaded air conditioned cabin, with plenty or room for resting and sleeping
  • A large, attractive bridge
  • A very clean restroom
  • A Cellular phone
  • A Color T.V.
  • A Refrigerator

Families with kids of any age are welcome!

For more information on visiting Hawaii in general, and touring the Big Island, in particular, go to and here.


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  1. Hopefully some day I will get to fish the shores of Hawaii, but for now I have to stick to the shores of long island sound 😉

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