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Tour Guide is the most complete guide to the Big Island ever assembled. Our GPS-guided tours are as if you had a friend from Paradise sitting in the car next to you!

Confused by polysyllabic Hawaiian language place names and signs? Tired of cumbersome maps and obsolete guide books? Want to end the frustration of travel and save time planning and driving? Hand-held or dashboard-mounted, our GPS units present real-time video tours of the Big Island of Hawaii…either as you drive, or for planning and preview in the comfort of your hotel.

Tour Guide contains over 600 video tours, geographically cued as you drive, of sites of interest from beaches, to places of historical and cultural importance, to bird watching, hiking, snorkeling and golf, to all the public restrooms over the entire Big Island of Hawaii. It not only tells you all about where you are going, it helps you navigate there with no confusion, stress or worries. Tour Guide makes your vacation more enjoyable, not more complicated. Rent from the industry leader in GPS-guided video tours, Tour Guide Hawaii.

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Produced by Donald MacGowan; narrated by Frank Burgess.


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