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The remains of Hapaial’i Heiau (Temple for Elevating Chiefs), a heiau associated with ceremonies involving changes in rank of Ali’i, lie on the grounds of the Keauhou Ohana Beach Resort, across the narrow tidal inlet from Ke’eku Heiau. Not much is known about this Heiau; some traditions hold that it predates Ke’eku Heiau; others maintain it was built around 1812 by Kamehameha the Great. To reach Hapaiali’i Heiau, park either in the Kahalu’u Beach Park or at Keauhou Ohana Beach Resort. From Kahalu’u, walk onto the Keauhou Ohana Beach Resort property through the gateway in the fence between them and follow the asphalt path to the pool deck, through the lobby of the resort and join the paved path that runs along the end of the Resort driveway. From the Resort parking lot, walk up the drive to the paved path that runs along the end of the driveway. Following along this path, one passes Punawai Spring first, then, where the path runs around the end of the tennis courts the homesite of the Mo’o Twins. Continuing on the path until it ends at a broken concrete bridge among “No Trespassing” signs, the Hapaial’i Heiau is immediately between you and the ocean; all that remains of this once impressive temple are an unpresupposing stack of stones and some tumbling walls. Remember that these are holy religious sites to modern native Hawai’ians; to not trespass, walk or climb on the temple proper; take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints. For more information on exploring the ancient temples of Hawaii, visit, and Video produced by Donald B. MacGowan Encore: myspace graphic at Gickr
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