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The good folks at Tour Guide Hawaii, the industry leader in GPS-directed, hand-held video tours, are offering free tours of Hawaii! Yes, it’s true.

These hand-held devices are stuffed full with over 500 video presentations about all the historical, cultural, recreational and interesting spots on the island of Hawaii–they even put in all the public restrooms!

So not only can you pre-view the video presentations to see where you want to go, and find new, secret spots you never heard of, you get all the locals’ information on what to take with you, what time of day is best to visit, where to park and what to do next. And the GPS takes you there with clear, accurate, turn-by turn directions.

See amazing waterfalls, go snorkeling, hike to a green sand beach or visit sea turtles on a black sand beach. Explore amazing ancient temples, fishing villages and isolated, forgotten beaches; Go snorkeling, take an air tour, a raft trip or tour a coffee farm.

How can you get this incredible free our of the Big Island? Go to and make a two-day reservation for your GPS tour of the Big Island. You not only get the already internet price of $21.95/day–already discounted but you’ll get the third day absolutely FREE.

This offer only good through 30 April, 2008.


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